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Ebin, Burçak, Marca Doeff, and Vincent S Battaglia. "Effects of the particle properties on electrochemical performance of nanocrystalline LiAl0.1Cu0.1Mn1.8O4 cathode materials prepared by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis." Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 792 (2017) 1 - 7.
Liu, Yunjian, Shengquan Zheng, Qiliang Wang, Yanbao Fu, Huafeng Wan, Aichun Dou, Vincent S Battaglia, and Mingru Su. "Improvement the electrochemical performance of Cr doped layered-spinel composite cathode material Li 1.1Ni0.235Mn0.735Cr0.03O2.3 with Li4Ti 5O12 coating." Ceramics International 43.12 (2017) 8800 - 8808.
Thomas, Edward V, Ira Bloom, Jon P Christophersen, David C Robertson, Lee K Walker, Chinh D Ho, and Vincent S Battaglia. "Modeling memoryless degradation under variable stress." Journal of Quality Technology 51.3 (2019) 284 - 299.
Ruan, Yanli, Jingjing Liu, Shidong Song, Ningyi Jiang, and Vincent S Battaglia. "Multi-hierarchical nanosheet-assembled chrysanthemum-structured Na3V2(PO4)3/C as electrode materials for high-performance sodium-ion batteries." Ionics 24.6 (2018) 1663 - 1673.
Guo, Ruitian, Yan Wang, Shuai Heng, Guobin Zhu, Vincent S Battaglia, and Honghe Zheng. "Pyromellitic dianhydride: A new organic anode of high electrochemical performances for lithium ion batteries." Journal of Power Sources 436 (2019) 226848.
Zheng, Xueying, Qiang Shi, Yan Wang, Vincent S Battaglia, Yunhui Huang, and Honghe Zheng. "The role of carbon bond types on the formation of solid electrolyte interphase on graphite surfaces." Carbon 148 (2019) 105 - 114.
Ruan, Yanli, Xiangyun Song, Yanbao Fu, Chengyu Song, and Vincent S Battaglia. "Structural evolution and capacity degradation mechanism of LiNi0.6Mn0.2Co0.2O2 cathode materials." Journal of Power Sources 400 (2018) 539 - 548.