Wide-Area Real-Time Resources Adequacy Monitoring System (ACE Frequency) Functional Specification v4.0

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This document describes enhancements and additional functionality to be incorporated in NERC Resources Adequacy Monitoring Release 3.5. This project will complement and enhance Release 3.5 Wide-Area Real Time ACE-Frequency Monitoring Systemâ„¢ developed and deployed by Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions Electric Power Group (CERTS-EPG) and currently installed at NERC, DOE, FERC (alarms), and Reliability Coordinators' sites. Additional features complying with requirements coming from NERC Staff, Resources Subcommittee and Reliability Coordinators will be implemented in Release 4.0. The enhancements and additional functionality have been grouped in the following functional categories:

  1. New functional enhancements - Sub-categorized as follows:
    • Alarm, monitoring and analysis functions
    • Metrics, Analysis, and Assessment functions
    • System Hardware-Software Infrastructure change
  2. Disturbance and alarm archiving capabilities
  3. Situational awareness capabilities
  4. Load-transmission resource adequacy capabilities

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