Reliability Performance Monitoring (RPM) Using Phasor and SCADA Measurements: Prototype Functional Specification for MISO

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The objectives of the Reliability Performance Monitoring (RPM) project are the research, functional specification, deployment, and field test of a prototype application producing Load-Generation control and Grid Reliability performance metrics using model-less algorithms running with MISO phasor data in MISO phasor infrastructure. The prototype leverages on CERTS, Advanced Systems Researchers (ASR), and University of Illinois experience researching and prototyping wide-area reliability monitoring applications and visualizations. The prototype performance metrics will be presented to MISO operations via alarms, real time performance monitoring displays and in automatically daily or on demand reliability performance reports.

Section 2 describes MISO the prototype host and the Bulk Power System (BPS) components with the corresponding phasor data being used for the prototype. Section 3 describes the RPM prototype research and development process. Section 4 describes MISO phasor data sources and its phasor data communications architecture. Section 5 presents the model-less algorithms to estimate Grid adequacy performance metrics. Section 6 presents preliminary results from the prototype algorithms, and section 7 describes preliminary validation results for the prototype three Grid performance metrics margins.

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