Alexander McEachern

Alexander McEachern



Alex McEachern is a technologist and entrepreneur who specializes in instrumentation for electric power grids. 

As a technologist, McEachern has been awarded over 30 U.S. Patents related to electric power instrumentation.  He has been elevated to Fellow of the IEEE for his work on power quality measurements and immunity, and received the IEC 1906 Award for his work on power quality measurement standards.  He has led highly successful instrumentation development projects for the U.S. Dept of Energy, ARPA-E, and DARPA, including the microPMU project, the Grid Thumper project, and the GridSweep project.

As an entrepreneur, McEachern founded and served as the Chief Technologist of Basic Measuring Instruments, Infrastructure Instruments, Power Standards Lab, and McEachern Laboratories.  His companies have generated US$300 million in global revenue, and have created 1,500 person-years of U.S. employment.

At present, McEachern serves as the CEO of McEachern Laboratories, developing new instruments for the Department of Energy; and is a Visiting Scholar at U.C. Berkeley's Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science; and an Affiliate of the Berkeley National Lab.

McEachern's present research interests emphasize grid research measurements, with two emphases: [1] distribution grid stability in the context of a diverse population of inverter-based resources; and [2] using electrical measurements to detect of grid cyberattack rehearsals.